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Helping you and your business to flourish

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Why are we different?

Established in 2002, JLM differs greatly from other Mortgage Networks. We are privately owned and beholden to no-one. We are therefore able to offer bespoke solutions to the right people, and can therefore look with much greater flexibility at advisers and firms who may not fit well into a corporate Network or DA model.

If you are a highly experienced adviser or firm, dealing with large mortgage loans or very high volumes, we believe that we may be the best Network out there for you.

For Example:

You may find that your current Network does not have an understanding of your client's very individual needs or of the requirements of private bank funding. You may have your own sales process that you wish to maintain, or may feel that your current Network is too prescriptive in their requirements and is choking your business, rather than helping you to grow it.

Whatever your situation, JLM are here to help you.

To make your life easier, and help you to grow your business, our support and oversight processes are completely customisable to each firm or individual's needs. We can provide you with in-house mortgage processing administration, should you want it and you will have direct access to a director, so decisions can be made as quickly as is needed, rather than having to wait on an over-stretched compliance department .

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​What do we do?

We are a fully independent Whole of Market Brokers, with access to all lenders, providers and mortgage clubs and some industry leading commission rates on protection and general insurance. We offer our clients both fee paying and fee-free options; whatever you feel would suit your market best.

Our customer's best interests are at the heart of everything we do, and we are happy to talk to advisers who share the same ethos. We are here for the long term, both for our customers and advisers, offering a refreshingly transparent approach.

What does it cost to join JLM and how long will it take?

Our most frequently asked questions!


Timescales are determined more by FCA and referencing timescales, but we have had RIs up and trading within a week and Appointed Representatives trading in two weeks.


There are no upfront costs and we are able to offer an initial free period to certain individuals, to allow a pipeline to be built. Ongoing retention costs vary. We base our figures on a set percentage of turnover - we do not differentiate between different types of income, for example procuration fees and protection commission. We do not take any other fees or retention, other than this percentage. This makes it all a lot more transparent for everyone, in stark contrast to the usual Network offering.

The percentage we charge will vary according to the amount of turnover, the perceived risk and your history and situation. It will cover all Network costs, including FCA, FSCS and FOS fees and PI premiums. We can also offer discounts on software licences.

Speak to us and we will work with you to create the best solution for all parties.

Obviously, each applicant must satisfy us that they are qualified and well suited to the role.

Unfortunately we cannot consider any adviser with a panel removal or who is not currently working within the industry.

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