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JLM is a boutique mortgage and protection network solution, for successful and aspiring firms and sole traders. Founded in 2002, JLM is one of the few remaining privately owned networks; this enables us to make decisions quickly, without layers of hierarchy, bureaucracy and never a hint of autocracy. The founders of the network are still prolific business writers and this helps to ensure that we remain broker-centric in our approach to regulation and oversight.

Our focus has always been on quality outcomes for our Appointed Representatives’ clients and quality business for our extensive panel of product providers. We are diligent in ensuring that new and existing firms demonstrate the very highest standards of advice and, in doing so, maintain our stellar reputation, which enables us to attract the very best of products.


Our Vision




We have never lost sight of our function as a Principle; we are a provider of services. Our Appointed Representatives trust us to provide a safe and comprehensive regulatory framework to trade within, enabling them to focus on building their business and servicing their clients. 

By channelling the outputs of robust and reliable firms, we have the market influence to offer products and services that firms on their own may not otherwise have access to. Or, access to such products on more beneficial terms.


We welcome firms and sole traders that share our core values of quality and either have an established track record of written business, or, can demonstrate they are on a journey of growth.

We understand that business is as much about relationships as it is about generating capital. For our businesses to benefit prosper, it’s important we share ambition and attitude; working together in harmony. We’re interested in the personalities within a business, as well as the business itself. Onboarding is a process of getting to know each other, from first conversation to commitment, as much as it is about bringing your business within our span of oversight.


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​What do we do?

We are a fully independent whole of market brokers, with access to all lenders, providers and mortgage clubs and some industry leading commission rates on protection and general insurance. 

We've worked hard to secure enhanced procuration fees for our advisers, joining L&Gs Club 13. Following a number of independent meetings with lenders and meeting with L&G Mortgage Club, we secured enhanced proc fees for our advisers to compete with larger networks. This was a huge achievement and recognised the quality of business our advisers consistently sign.

We offer our clients both fee paying and fee-free options; whatever you feel would suit your market best.

Our quarterly network meetings act as a platform to allow our ARs to come together to share their experience and build a knowledge bank and support system to refer to for advice and expertise. We celebrate success and encourage healthy, professional competition, whilst still maintaining quality outcomes for our clients.

Inviting lenders and protection advisers to these meetings, ensures our advisers are supported in their continued professional development and are well informed of industry developments, which in turn improves client experiences and outcomes.

Our rigorous vetting process of ARs and reputation for prime, high quality business is widely recognised amongst lenders. 

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I joined the JLM Network in 2006 and it was the start of great relationship. I have had 11 excellent years with the
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