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Who might join JLM?

We specialise in looking after and developing highly experienced and high performing advisers and firms, who need a network who understand their specific needs.

You can join JLM in a variety of ways;

  • Work for JLM Mortgage Services directly as an employee.
  • Work for JLM Mortgage Services on a self employed contracting basis.
  • Join us as an appointed representative, either as an individual or a firm (subject to FCA approval). 

We will work with you to find the best solution for everyone. We've been referred to as a 'boutique' style network because of our flexible approach and willingness to adapt to the needs of our Advisers and ARs. 

We would like to hear from:

  • Advisers and firms who are currently authorised, but are frustrated by their current networks’ requirements and restrictions.
  • Advisers and firms who are finding that their current network's 'lowest common denominator' risk mitigation and compliance 'tick box' regimes are stifling business levels.
  • Directly authorised advisers and firms, who no longer want the burden and costs of direct authorisation, but are uncomfortable about the loss of freedom that this might entail with a traditional network.
  • Advisers or firms who feel that their current network does not understand how their particular market operates. For example, high-net worth mortgages, use of boutique private banks for funding, highly complex mortgage needs, offshore and expatriate clients and similar cases that will require a more intelligent and flexible attitude.

Who has joined us recently?

A number of ARs came to us from some of the big national networks. They were looking for a network who would let them get on with their primary job; looking after their clients. They didn't want to waste their time completing unnecessary forms, following over complicated processes and generally being strangled with bureaucratic red tape.

As an example;

We have one AR firm who wanted to use a different back office system - DONE.

Another AR firm wanted us to set up a number of new agencies as these better suited their client profile - DONE.

A third firm wanted us to customise our network FactFind to suit their client base - DONE.

Directly Authorised Advisers / Firms

Many directly authorised small firms are growing tired of the ever rising FSA fees, the cost of PI cover and of course the expected increase in speculative complaints relating to mortgage mis-selling and PPI, caused by the growth in claims management companies.

However, their greatest concern in changing to a appointed representative is often not the cost (which tends to be roughly the same), but the loss of freedom and self-determination that joining a network usually brings. This is where we are different, offering the flexibility for you to continue with your existing sales processes etc, rather than forcing you to adopt our way of conducting your business.

Appointed Representative Advisers / Firms

Every adviser who has joined us from another network has generally done so because they have become suffocated by the level of, frankly unnecessary, paperwork, processes and complete lack of flexibility that most of the big networks demand. The very nature of a large network means that they cannot afford to give any one adviser or firm any leeway on their way of conducting business.

However, as a small boutique network, we are able to work with you (rather than against you), to ensure that your current processes and way of managing your business can be accommodated.

As we specialise in looking after some of the best producing and most experienced advisers and firms in our industry, we have a much better understanding of your needs than the 'one size fits all' approach of many of the larger Networks.

What will it cost to join JLM and how long will take?


There are no upfront costs and we are able to offer an initial free period to certain individuals, to allow a pipeline to be built. Ongoing retention costs vary. We base our figures on a set percentage of turnover - we do not differentiate between different types of income, for example procuration fees and protection commission. We do not take any other fees or retention, other than this percentage. This makes it all a lot more transparent for everyone, in stark contrast to the usual network offering.

The percentage we charge will vary according to the amount of turnover, the perceived risk and your history and situation. It will cover all network costs, including FCA, FSCS and FOS fees and PI premiums. We can also offer discounts on software licences.

Speak to us and we will work with you to create the best solution for all parties.


Timescales are determined more by FCA and referencing timescales, but we have had RIs up and trading within a week and appointed representatives trading in two weeks.

Each applicant must satisfy us that they are qualified and well suited to the role.

Unfortunately we cannot consider any adviser with a panel removal or who is not currently working within the industry.

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How financially sound is JLM?

A big worry in joining a smaller network is whether they will still be around in two years! We have been careful to grow slowly and organically since 2002. We done so to avoid the cash flow issues that brought down some large networks over the last few years.

We are also able to offer the option of individual sub-agencies, where rather than the network holding the purse strings, income is paid directly to you and we bill you for our network costs on a monthly basis.